05 February 2012

Juxtapose Presents - Beetslappaz Production Mix (2007)

Another look back for y'all!

Fellow Beetslappa Eyan and I were shopping around our tunes using this production mix way back in 2007. We had no idea how to get a track picked up by a label (to this day, I still really have no idea how to get a track signed).

This mix was all it took for J Mekka of iBreaks to sign us up to put out the single Rogan Josh.

Featuring several tracks from us with a mixture of Beetslappaz and Juxtapose productions, many of these did not see the light of day! I present it to you as exactly as it was when played out on Groove FM shortly after sending to iBreaks, hosted by Herbacide.

Juxtapose Presents - Beetslappaz Production Mix (2007) by DJ Juxtapose


1. Intro - Beetslappaz
2. Rogan Josh - Beetslappaz
3. The Game - Beetslappaz
4. Cut Vocal Party - Juxtapose
5. Chase The Sun - Juxtapose
6. Young and Pretty - Beetslappaz
7. R U Ready? - Juxtapose
8. Electric Sausage - Beetslappaz
10. Boom - Juxtapose