16 February 2012

Bad Tango - Promo Mix February 2012 & New EP

Broken Robot Recordings marks the release of its landmark 2-0 with a double-sider from Bad Tango aka. Will Railton, one of the most exciting new producers in the psy-breaks genre, and Broken Robot’s latest signing.

Check out Bad Tango's new release on the streams below. The release can be purchased through Beatport. www.beatport.com/release/frontier-science-vol-4/864261

Bad Tango - Arecibo Spank - Out Now! by BrokenRobot

Arecibo Spank
As if transmitting across the cosmos, Arecibo Spank fizzes with the zip of electronic particles over a steady chugging bassline and laidback beat. Funky robotic synths spiral upwards from the breakdown into a liquid wahwah space funk that'll have any alien life form dancing round the stars.

Bad Tango - Check Point - Out Now! by BrokenRobot

Check Point
With a body-shrugging bassline, Bad Tango drives us through Check Point at his playful and melodic best. Slinky leads catch the infectious tune, picking up into a Tetris-tech melody and a breakdown that catapults you straight back into the groove. You won't want to leave.

To show what psy-breaks are all about, download and have a listen to Bad Tango's latest mix.

Bad Tango - February 2012 Promo Mix by Bad Tango


1. Slack Baba - We Have The Technology [Blue Hour Sounds]
2. Elite force - No Turning Back (Hedflux Remix) [U&A]
3. Bad Tango - Check Point [Broken Robot]
4. 48k - Barb Wired (Bad Tango Remix) [Yellow Finger]
5. Too Dusty - Welcome To The Future (Bad Tango Remix) [Hard & Hits]
6. Bad Tango - Analogue Hedgehog [Logariddim]
7. Hedflux & Bad Tango - Slippery Triplet [Broken Robot]
8. Snook - The Signal [Broken Robot]
9. Bad Tango - Arecibo Spank [Broken Robot]
10. Broken Eye & LuQas - Black Hole [Broken Robot]
11. Abdomen Burst - Epinephrine (Hedflux Remix) [Scarcity]