02 November 2011

Rebel Sketchy - On Fire Dj Mix

A new DJ Mix by Rebel Sketchy (recorded at Sketch Studios, 22nd October 2011)

"The most fun I've had recording a mix in the studio for a long time! It really feels like breakbeat is back on the map after a period of doubters and deserters. Want evidence? Check out this tribe of (current) floor-fillers!"

On Fire (DJ Mix) by rebelsketchy


Up & Down (Original Mix) - Rebel Sketchy
Let's Ride (Original Mix) - Krafty Kuts, Sporty-O
Bounce (DJ Hero Remix) - Zap! Pow! Die!
Boxed Off (Original Mix) - Toni Jarvis
Come Again (Original Mix) - Utku S.
Everybody (Original Mix) - Colombo
Six Days (Breaks Remix) - Rebel Sketchy
Chain Smoker (Original Mix) - Feed Me
Bassheads (re-edit) - Cut La Roc
Organised Grime (Original Mix) - Beatsmack
Under Pressure (Kiwa Remix) - Feuerhake