02 August 2011

Sychosis - Free Breaks Blog Promo Mix Vol 5, Exclusive Interview & Edits

The Free Breaks Blog is at it again, another promo mix, free tunes and interview. All an exclusive feature just for the Free Breaks Blog. USA artist Sychosis is being featured this time around.

1. Many thanks for taking the time to do this interview. Please tell us a little bit about yourself & your background.

Thank you for having me! Your page has really helped push me and many others out to the masses, and I for one really appreciate what you are doing.

I’ve been heavily involved in music since I was six, starting with being in a boys choir for almost 10 years. I toured internationally with them and that’s where I received my initial music theory training. I really started to come into electronic music after going to my first rave in ‘99. However, it wasn’t until a few years later that I started to DJ or even produce. In the last 2-3 years things really started to click, both as a DJ and producer. I used to promote for events quite heavily also, but since things have picked up for me I stopped doing that except for on a few rare ocassions. It leaves me time to work on music. I’ve been married for almost 6 years, and am currently working on a bachelors degree in Media Studies.......

For the full interview head over to the Free Breaks Blog at this Link

Sychosis - Free Breaks Blog Promo Mix Vol 5 by Bertie Dastard


1. Chasing La La Land - Green Velvet and Bingo Players vs Pyramid and Specimen
2. Fresh Back - Utku S(Sychosis Re Edit)
3. Hey Yo - Maxsie and Alex Speaker(Darth and Vader Remix-Rel 1 Re Rub)
4. Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve(Breaking News Remix-Sychosis Edit)
5. Rave With Me - Afrojack and Steve Angelo(Al Brook vs Faze edit)
6. Disco Decay - Neelix(Felguk Remix-Sychosis Re Funk)
7. Make You Disappear - Alex Mind vs Congo Rock vs Diplo-B Phreak Mashup
8. Save My Life - Lazy Rich(Timothy Getz ReRub)
9. Monolith - Don’t Break It Lazy Rich Remix(Ash Howell Rework)
10. Beatbox Wash - Breaking News
11. Space Junk - Wolfgang Gartner(Sychosis Re Funk)
12. Return Of The King - Lazy Rich(Sychosis Re Funk)
13. Magic Carpet Ride - Mighty Dub Kats(Will Bailey Remix-Sychosis Re Rub)
14. Heart Of Mine - Paula Lobos(Audiostalkers Remix-Nimbus Rub)
15. Mush Mush – Bass Jackers(Sychosis’ Roca Break Re Hash)
16. Rock it Roll it-Tim Healey vs Calvertron feat Sirreal and Pippatrix(Dirtyloud remix-Concordia Re Fix)
17. Dancin vs Get Off[The Pills] - Mike Balance and Dj Dan vs Miles Dyson
18. Blow Out - Felguk(Sychosis Re Fix)
19. Milky Way - Mord Fustang(Sychosis Re Rub)
20. Feel It - Rico Tubbs(Lazy Rich Remix-Nimbus Re Rub)

NT89 and Distrakt-Pumpin(Gtronic Remix-Sychosis Re Rub by Sychosis

The Verve-Bittersweet Symphony(Breaking News Remix-Sychosis Edit) by Sychosis

Felguk-Blow Out(Sychosis Re Fix) by Sychosis

Mord Fustang-Milky Way (Sychosis Re Rub) by Sychosis

Dancin vs Get Off[The Pills]-Dj Dan and Mike Balance vs Miles Dyson(Sychosis ReRub) by Sychosis

Zedd on a Mission-Katy B and Benga vs. Zedd(Sychosis Edit) by Sychosis

Chasing La La Land-Green Velvet, Bingo Players, Pyramid, Specimen A(Sychosis ReMash) by Sychosis