17 August 2011

Stickybuds - Fractal Forest Mix - Shambhala 2011

Great new set from Canadian Stickybuds, awesome and well thought out with lots of exclusives that were heard through out the Fractal Forest at the Shambhala Music Festival just recently.

Here is the set that I made this year for Shambhala Music Festival. This was my 7th year playing in the Fractal Forest (see mix artwork), and it really turned out to be an amazing year with many, many good friends... I worked quite hard on the set this year, and I really hope you guys enjoy it.

Special thanks to Blackout JA and Dash from the Rootsellers for MC shouts, as well as all my good friends who have supplied me with tracks, acapellas and stems to play with.

Stickybuds - Fractal Forest Mix - Shambhala 2011 by Stickybuds~


Mista Savona Ft. Burro Banton – Clean Air Clean Country (Stickybuds Remix)
Stickybuds – West Coast Bass Killer
Javier Morillas – Police Killa (Sticky Edit)
Deekline & Ed Solo – Sensi (Stickybuds VIP)
Michael Jackson – You Rock My World (Acapella)
Baby Cham – Rudeboy Pledge (Acapella)
Mooncat – Autumn Dub
Stickybuds – Don’t Deny It
Pretty Lights – Keep Em Bouncin
Nate Dogg – Can’t Deny It (Acapella)
Kimbra – Settle Down (Blunt Instruments Remix / Sticky Edit)
Bobby C Sound TV – Sundae Sound (Stickybuds Edit)
Fannypack – Yo!
Stickypod Connection Ft. Blackout JA – All Blazin
Featurecast – Oooooh!
Stickypod Connection Ft. Blackout JA – All Blazin (Acapella)
Slynk – Break it On Down
George Clinton – Bop Gun Ft. Ice Cube (Slynk Edit)
Funk Ferret & Some Dj - Shake Ya Booty
Whistle – Just Buggin (Acapella)
Bobby C Sound TV – Jump Out
Opiuo – Moose Tooth (Sticky Edit)
B- Side – JB Banger
Opiuo Vs. Barrington Levy Vs. Beatnuts – VIP Robo Murder (Sticky Pella)
Stickybuds – Fatboys Dilla
Featurecast – OPP Banger
Slynk – Smoothness (Sticky Edit)
Dust Junkies – Beatbox Wash (Acapella)
Stickybuds – Crowd Murder (Sticky Edit)
Funkanomics – Backyard Baby
Santero Ft. Credit To The Nation – Drop The Bomb (Acapella)
Smov – Big Love
The Captain – Feel Alright
Superbreak – Body Bait (SB Disco Edit / Sticky Edit)
Deekline, Amp & Ed Solo – Shake Da Pressure (Acapella)
The Beatles – The Word (Captain Remix, Sticky Edit)
Too Short – Shake That Monkey (Acapella)
Telephunken – Shake Your Monkey
Bobby C Sound TV – Insanity For Vanity
Agent 86 – So Hot (Jayl Funk Remix, Sticky Edit)
Fort Knox Five – Funk For Peace (Acapella)
Deekline & Dustin Hulton Ft. Splack Pack & Kidd Money – Whip It (Acapella)
Ursula 1000 – Baby Laser Love (Basement Freaks Remix)
Tony Anthem & Axl Ender Ft. Skibadee & Lady Chann – Time (Dirty Drums Mix)
Neighbour Ft. Think Tank – Summertime Holiday (Dub Vs. Vocal Edit)
Deekline & Ed Solo Ft. Sporty O – Hey Mr. DJ (Stickybuds Edit)
Freestylers – Push up (Sticknasty Pella)
Featurecast & Krafty Kuts – We Blow Up The Spot
Drumattic Twins – Crazy Love (Featurecast Remix / Stickybuds Nasty Edit)
Adele – Rolling In The Deep (Acapella)
Slynk Vs. Ed Solo – I Wish (Sticky Edit)
Nelly Ft. Jagged Edge– Where The Party At (Acapella)
Coolio – Gangsta’s Paradise (Acapella)
The Nextment Ft. Rodney P – Hear What I Say (Acapella)
Opiuo Vs. Jimi Hendrix Vs. Stickybuds – Voodoo Chop Booty
Jimi Hendrix – Voodoo Child (Guitarapella)
YT, Tenor Fly, Mr. Williamz, Blackout JA & Million Stylez – Dubplate (Benny Page Remiix)
Cecile – Changes (Acapella)
Deekline + Ed Solo – Bad Boy (Need Your Love)
Alien Entertainment – Shoot To Kill (Acapella)
Stickybuds, Ed Solo & Deekline – Guaranteed (Stickybuds VIP)
Navigator & Bladerunner – Iniquity Worker (Acapella)

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