12 November 2010

Retroid - Split The Frequency - Promo Mix November 2010

Adam Huszár (Retroid) is a hungarian producer and dj. In 1998 he started producing ambient and electro type music. Pioneer artists like Hybrid, BT, Crystal Method inspired his work and after few years he turned to progressive breaks and house. Nowdays he produces on a very wide spectrum of music under many aliases and formations.


Retroid - Split The Frequency - Promo Mix by Retroid


Factorfunk - Prototype
Parallax Breakz - Asteroid (Broken Eye Remix)
Neurodriver - Snake Charmer
Unconscious Mind'S - Damnation
Hedflux - Revolve
Dub Elements - Tech Wreck
Kid Digital - Krush Groovin
Beatman and Ludmilla - Leeroy Jenkins (Access Denied Remix)
Leuce Rhythms - Honour the Gods
Tactical Groove Orbit - Dragons Hunt (Quadrat Beat Remix)
Leuce Rhythms - Bad Brain (Tony Awake Remix)