18 November 2010

BSD - New Album + Promo Mix November 2011

The enigmatic masked and caped crusaders BSD (Bass Star Dos) winners of “Best Breakthrough Producer” award (International Breakbeat Awards 2010). present their debut album on their own imprint; Mental Machine Muzik: MALDITOS BASS-STAR-DOS!
Winners of the Rennie Pilgrem Remix Competition on Trackitdown have in a very short time established themselves as key players in the Breaks scene and their debut album sets to propel them to new heights!


Album available now HERE

You will also find on "Malditos Bass-Star-Dos!" some of BSD’s recent hits such as "Hypnotizin", "You Must Find Strength", "Compute", "Get Hype On This", "Funkdation", ...


1. Intro
2. EBM (Elektronik Breaks Movement)
3. Get Hype On This
4. This Could Be..
5. This Is It!
6. Funkdation
7. Hopiness
8. Compute
9. Total Cucumber
10. Intoxikated Muzik
11. Overestimate
12. Party Groove (Breaks Phenomenon)
13. Elektro - Life (You & ME)
14. Joe Jacks
15. Hard ‘n’ Bass
16. You Must Find Strength
17. Hypnotizin’
18. Give You More
19. Everybody Scream

Below as with the usual program i have a promo mix to help celebrate their new album release.

BSD - Promo Mix November 2010 by breakzlinkz


01 BSD : Overestimate [Mental Machine Muzik] BSDD007
02 OUTLANDER : Vamp (BSD remx) [CD-R]
03 BSD : Compute [Mental Machine Muzik] BSDD007
04 SYSTEM F : Cry (BSD remix) [CD-R]
05 BSD : Elektr-Life (You And Me) [Mental Machine Muzik] BSDD007
06 B-PHREAK feat LIZ MELODY : Lost Your Mind (BSD remix) [Lucky Break] LBR008
07 BSD : This Is It ! [Mental Machine Muzik] BSDD007
08 LAURENT GARNIER : Gnanmankoudji (BSD remix) [CD-R]
09 BSD : Hard-n-Bass [Mental Machine Muzik] BSDD007
10 DEPECHE MODE : Peace (BSD remix) [CD-R]
11 BSD : Give You More [Mental Machine Muzik] BSDD007
12 BSD vs AD : Ultimate [iBreaks] IBREAKS035
13 BSD : Get Hype On This [Mental Machine Muzik] BSDD007
14 RENNIE PILGREM feat RUTH MINUIT : The Rich Rule Us (BSD remix) [TCR] RENN3115
15 BSD : Everybody Scream [Mental Machine Muzik] BSDD007