21 November 2010

Basement Freaks - Something Freaky + FREE Tunes

Set for release this November 29th is Basement Freaks new Album "Something Freaky" on Legendary imprint Jalapeno Records. This is Basement Freaks debut album bridging the gap between disco, funk, breaks and hip hop. This album is full of quality party music for all concerned. Check the link below for a full online preview of the album over at the Jalapeno site.


Basement Freaks – Something Freaky


01. Spot On Phunk

02. Down In The Basement
03. Let’s Get It Started
04. Something Freaky
05. Makes Me Wanna Scream
06. Disco Life
07. Don’t You Wanna Party
08. Here We Go Again
09. Get Down Boogie
10. Get Ready
11. Make Money feat Ade Bantu (Nigeria)
12. Secret Scent

To get you in the mood Basement Freaks have asked me to share this FREE EP with you.
"The Booty Jam" Consists of four tracks from some of the players from the Bombastic Jam label.

Tracks included:

Basement Freaks - The Booty Jam
Jayl Funk - Funky Pony
Tom Drummond - Like This
Zamali - Get Up On Your Feet

Download "The Booty Jam" HERE

Also check out the new video below of the main title track from the album, the video was produced by Dj P.