11 September 2010

N.FilTr8 - Summer of Bass Mix September 2010

N.FilTr8 started induldging in music producing in late 2004 after finishing his schooling in Music Production in North Carolina. Starting out producing Hip-Hop but quickly moving to the Breakbeat side in early 2005 when began to hearing all these new sounds called " NUSKOOL Breakbeats " coming from the UK. After 5 years of countless hours of creating his unique sounds of Nuskool Breaks and Bass and studying the scene and influences around him. He landed a remix in 2009 for MR. BASSLINE JUNK-E “Dreamer” single on BREAKZ R BOSS RECORDS. Now in 2010 N.Filtr8 is in a comfortable possessions to lock his target in, and start unloading his ultimate-n-Unique bass on the Masses. Watch out for Fiction - Girl (N.FilTr8 Remix) out on Breakz R Boss Records late 2010.


This mix is an in depth look into what is up and coming on Breakz R Boss Records in 2010. SUMMER OF BASS features 13 unreleased Original and Remixes out this summer on BRB Recs, + 2 exclusives that makes this 16 track set solid gold and one to look out for.

BRB - Summer of Bass Mixed By N.FilTr8 by Breakz R Boss Records

Breakz R Boss Presents:
SUMMER OF BASS: Mixed By: N.FilTr8 (USA)

01 - Mr. Bassline Junk-E - Bring The Bass (Original) UNRELEASED
02 - Scratche - Good Timing (Metachemical Remix) UNRELEASED (BRB-D02)
03 - Fiction - Girl (Original) UNRELEASED (BRB-D03)
04 - Fiction - Girl (N.FilTr8 Remix) UNRELEASED (BRB-D03)
05 - Somsay - Government Lies (Mr. Bassline Junk-E Remix) (BRB-D01)
06 - Kyle Cross - Records You Play (Original) UNRELEASED TBR
07 - Van Tek - The Cut'n'Slide (Original) EXCLUSIVE
08 - How Low (Dj Choas Remix) EXCLUSIVE
09 - N.FilTr8 - Bring It Back (Original) UNRELEASED TBR
10 - ViperCorps - Dodge City (Original) UNRELEASED TBR
11 - N.FilTr8 - Bump This Shit (Original) EXCLUSIVE
12 - ViperCorps - ViperFunk (Van Tek Remix) UNRELEASED TBR
13 - ViperCorps - Venemous (Original) UNRELEASED TBR
14 - Scratche - Weird Science (Original) UNRELEASED (BRB-D04)
15 - N.FilTr8 - Bad Moon Rising (Original) EXCLUSIVE
16 - Dave Dialect - Command & Conquer (Original) UNRELEASED TBR
17 - Bass Dreamers - Can I Get Down (Original) (BRB-P02)
18 - Double.A - Insomnia (Original) UNRELEASED