12 December 2009

Freestylers - Best of Mega Mix Dec 2009

Freestylers - 'Best Of' Megamix by freestylers


B Boy Stance
Here We Go
Hold Up Your Hands
Dogs N Sledgez
Breaker Beats 1
Drop The Boom
Don't Stop
Jump N Twist
Now Is The Time
Push Up
Blowin Ya Brainz
Dancehall Vibes
Get A Life
Fasten Your Seatbelts


Pecoe said...

To download this play the file as a stream.
Use firefox with the flashgot add-on, right click on the
the page somewhere then "flashgot media". Flashgot will then grab the
mp3 stream and you will be able to download it. You may need to use
a download manager in conjuction with flashgot like firefoxs "down then all".
I use a legit version of Internet Download Manager
which downloads the file for me.

rare1 said...

Hey Pecoe,

When you do the method described above I am pretty sure you end up with a 128kbps track.

The direct download from Soundcloud is source audio which could be anything from WAV to 320kbps tracks.

I wish the bandwidth did not expire so fast... or maybe other members can MIRROR the source files :)

Sorry for the long post!