06 August 2009

Evil Nine - Root of All Evil - Vol 1 Pulse - August 2009


It’s a little known fact that Evil Nine met when they both appeared on the front cover
of a Soviet-era workout record. It was at that photoshoot that they bonded over their
love of synths and to celebrate it being twenty years since that fateful meeting here's
a vintage electronic dj mix.

Units – High Pressure Days
Gary Numan – Films
Payback Interlude
The Splash Band – Halloween II
November Group – Shake It Off
ANNA – Systems Breaking Down (Dub)
Dark Star Interlude
Hypnosis – Oxygene
A. Rodionov – Modern Pentathlon (Suite 5)
Art Of Noise – Moments In Love
Doctors Cat – Feel The Drive (Instrumental)
Tasmanian Fahrenheit Interlude
Mark Lindsay – Shogun Assassin
Units – Digital Stimulation

Thanks to www.marineparade.net