11 January 2009

Dj Hayz - Fuzzy Funk Fudge Mix - Nov 2008


108mb : 1hr 19m 13 secs

Great mixtape of Hiphop/Funky Breaks.

Lets Get I’ll – Badboe (Goodgroove Records) Promo
One Public Thing – Publicv Enemy Vs “One Thing” [DJ Sizzahandz] (Unreleased)
Breathe & Stop – Jon Ohms (Goodgroove Records) Promo
Catch the Flow – Calagad 13 (Mzee)
Another One Bites the Dust - Rhythm Scholar Vs Queen (Unreleased)
Got It Like feat. Agent 9 – Mark Walton [Jon Ohms Remix] (Senso Disc)
Back Up – Mooqee Vs Beatvandals (Bombstrikes) Promo
Downside Up – Tom Booze & Agent 86 (Goodgroove Records) Promo
What Is Hip – Badboe (Goodgroove) Promo
Rock Y’all - Beatvandals Vs Mooqee (Bombstrikes) Promo
Lets Funk – Quasamodo (Manmade Records) Promo
Breakbeat Junkie – In Da House (Jurassic 5) – (Goodgroove Records) Promo
Wake Up [Torpedo Trickster Remix] – Mash & Munkee Promo
Party Block Rocker – Jayl Funk [Stefunk Edit] (Manmade Records) Promo
Kodiac Jam (Badboe Remix) – Mash & Munkee Promo
Dynamite [All Good Funk Alliance Remix) – Badboe (Auditory Designs)
So Much Trouble In My Mind – Guess Who [Fuzzbox Edit] (Unreleased)
King of the Boots – Jon Ohms (Unreleased)
Groove Me feat. Lady Precise – DJ Wood (Goodgroove Records) Promo
Funk In the Air – Badboe (Goodgroove Records) Promo
Beastie Rocker – Basement Freaks (Mandmade Records) Promo
Power – Calagad 13 (Mzee)
All the People – Manmade (Manmade Records) Promo
Jungle Booty – Sticky Boots (Unreleased)
I Like It – Calagad 13 (Unreleased)
Rhyme Assassin – Hayz [Lo-Definition Remix] (Unreleased)

Thanks to www.djhayz.co.uk


TGIFunky said...

this is dope!