13 October 2008

Wrexx - Showcase Mix Oct 2008


1. Wrexx – Ceiling Steps- Unsigned 2008
2. Wrexx – Caught Twisted-En:vision Recordings
3. Wrexx – Essence-Unsigned 2008
4. Wrexx – Ricki Ticki Revenge-Unsigned 2008
5. Wrexx – All I Need-Unsigned 2008
6. Wrexx – Timeline-En:vision Recordings
7. Wrexx – Tasteless Words-En:vision Recordings
8. Wrexx (Cenobites) – Rite of Passage-Unsigned 2008
9. Wrexx – Rusted Artifact -Unsigned 2008



Ryza said...

This mix is awesome! For an artist I have never heard of before, it is very hybrid sounding. Loving it!

Bear said...

Gonna agree with ryza that this is very impressive showcase mix! Deffo loving the progressive/hybrid-esque sound too.

dairock said...

massive props to ryza for convincing me to download :: safe as mix and wickid sound - so exciting to know that breaks like this are still being produced :: would be well keen to hear some more mixes if they're out there

huckles said...

loving it! keep the sound alive