02 March 2008

A Skillz.Atomic Hooligan.Far Too Loud @ Breakspoll 2008

Breakspoll sets from the Annie Nightingale Show,
BBC Radio 1 - 1.3.08

>A Skillz - LIVE - Breakspoll 2008<

26:24mins : 36.2mb : 192kbps

>Atomic Hooligan - LIVE - Breakspoll 2008<

32:50mins : 45mb : 192kbps

>Far Too Loud - LIVE - Breakspoll 2008<

30:54mins : 42.4mb : 192kbps



Anonymous said...

Thanx , this is just perfect.

Anonymous said...

There seem to have been some recording issues, as at least A Skillz' mix jumps quite a few times, making it sound a bit like dodgy mixing, anyone got better recordings?

Anonymous said...

Was there and this recording of A skills set is short anyways, he pulled a 45 minute set. Krafty was the set of the night in the main room. if anyone has this would love to see it posted

Pecoe said...

Yeh i had a listen to the A Skillz set and it sound like its being fast forwarded in parts - sorry about.

Oh, also i dont record from BBC Radio 1, i download from it ;)

check http://www.newmixes.com/category/breakbeat
for hopefully a better stream recorded set of A Skillz.

Anonymous said...

How do you download the mixes Radio 1? Maybe worth another attempt, it streams without the jumps from Radio 1.

Pecoe said...

Anonymous said...

How do you download the mixes Radio 1?

check the link on my blog

How To D/L From

* Kiss 100 FM UK
* JJJ Mixup Australia
* BBC Radio 1 UK

I'd redo the sets but dont have the time at the moment due to work.